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Make sure your vehicle is Roadworthy and has 2 red hazard triangles.

Check your driver’s license & car license,  make sure it has not expired.



WARM clothes for winter.  Thermal underwear, extra socks, scarves, beanie hat, ear muffs, windbreaker, extra shoes, gum boots are great for the kids (even adults), sunglasses, and sunscreen.


Passport and Border Post

Valid passports are essential.  South African passport holders do not require a visa, but will receive a stamp at both border posts (South Africa and Lesotho).  Children of all ages require their own passport.

A toll fee is payable on the Lesotho side.

Please make sure you take a pen with to fill in a form at the border post.



Please check that you pack all your chronic medication.

Also note that there are no hospitals, clinics, pharmacies in the vicinity.

The closest would be in Bethlehem, about a 2 hour journey.